DIY: Renaissance Fair Fairy Top

If you are like me, you believe in fairies, sprites, tree spirits and all things mystical and magical!

How To: Ram Horns :: Part I

Cosplay is something that my husband has gotten into. Since I am dressing up as a fairy for Scarborough, my husband has decided he wants to dress up as a fawn. I decided to start with what I think will be the easiest part of the costume, which is the horns.

DIY: The X-Files Reboot

2016: Viva La DIY


DIY: Steampunk Box

Homemade: Chocolate Vegan Cake

Handmade: Pop ♡ Tones

Pop ♡ Tones by Marlena Mayle |

Storenvy: Sale

20% off everything until the end of the month! No code required, all prices have been reduced.

Storenvy: VivaLaDIY

We are now open for business online via Storenvy!!

Día de los Muertos Arlington :: Part II

Día de los Muertos Arlington :: Part I

Día de los Muertos Arlington hosted by Arlington Culture Collective 
We are proud to announce that we will be part of the very first Día de los Muertos festival in Arlington.

Handmade: Pop ♡ Tones

Handmade via Pop ♡ Tones 

I purchased a lovely iridescent Metallic Martian Badge. Honestly I've received the sweetest compliments and been recommending (irl), so  it was just a matter of time to, finally, share online with a blog post.

DIY: Pleated Skirts

A lovely array of pastel knife pleated skirts.

Before & After: Holographic Desk

♡ A delightful desk makeover. ♡

Instagram: VivaLaDIY_

We're now on Instagram (and twitter)!! (◕‿◕✿)

DIY: Metalic Box Pleat Skirt

Pleats, pleats, pleats and more pleats! Shiny and metallic box pleated skirt with a yoke waistband.

DIY: Knife Pleat Skirt

Lately I've been obsessing over pleating and ruffles so I made a mint knife pleated skirt with pockets!  

DIY: Green Lip Balm

Remarkably more unconventional shades of lip balm are readily available, which means that the market is expanding with a greater demand for them and, quite possibly, becoming socially acceptable in public. 

How To: Bralet Pattern

Draft the pattern: Simple and easy to follow, let's begin!

English translation of Patrón Básico Brasier incluso tallas grandes via Zonia Cortez.

How To: Bralet

Construction: Simple and easy to follow, let's begin!

English translation of Armado Bras básico con Cinturilla via Zonia Cortez.

DIY: Swimsuit

Baby blue bathing suit:

Homemade: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Here is a refreshing summertime smoothie, making the perfect way to cool off any hot summer day! 

Homemade: Beet Juice No. 3

Another beet juice with a twist! The recipe is much like Beet juice No.2 but has an added bonus.

DIY: Día del Padre

      Síganme los buenos. ¡No contaban con mi astucia!  / Follow me. They did not count my astuteness! 

Homemade: Tomato Sandwich