Homemade: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Here is a refreshing summertime smoothie, making the perfect way to cool off any hot summer day! 

Homemade: Beet Juice No. 3

Another beet juice with a twist! The recipe is much like Beet juice No.2 but has an added bonus.

DIY: Día del Padre

      Síganme los buenos. ¡No contaban con mi astucia!  / Follow me. They did not count my astuteness! 

Homemade: Tomato Sandwich

Homemade: Cucumber Sandwich

DIY: Día de las Madres

Homemade: Chocolate Almond Cookies

Try these scrumptious chocolate almonds cookies. They are delicious and nutritious! 
This is a modified recipe that we have made our own from one we found via Pinterest

Homemade: Beet Juice No. 2

Here is a refreshingly sweet variation to our favorite Beet Juice recipe. It's mouthwatering!

DIY: High Waisted Bow Shorts

Made by using McCall's M6328 Misses Shorts Pattern in style C, lovely high waisted bow shorts. 

DIY: Peter Pan Collar

Here's a little sewing project from the other day, a lovely baby blue Peter Pan Collar with ribbon detail.

DIY: Crystal Circlet

Here is a lovely guest post tutorial we shared via Good Vibrations on how to make a DIY Crystal Circlet.

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Homemade: Hot Chocolate Smoothie

It's been rather chilly these past couple day which is ideal for a nice hot beverage; yet I'm craving this frosty Chocolate Chia Smoothie and cannot get over an insatiable thirst for a chocolate chia beverage, so I came up with a compromise. That is, to make a hot chocolate version of the smoothie. As it turns out, the consistency is rather similar to a traditional Mexican drink known as atole de champurrado!

  • 1 1/4 c unsweetened quinoa milk
  • 1 t pure vanilla extract
  • 2 T raw cacao powder
  • 1 T peanut butter
  • 1 T honey
  • 2 T chia 
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 c kale

Heat 1 cup  of milk over medium heat. Gently sir in the vanilla and cacao.
Finely grind the chia seeds then stir in with the milk for a light creamy feel.
Blend 1/4 cup of milk with peanut butter, honey, banana and kale until smooth.
Pour the warm milk mixture with the smoothie blend and pulse for a frothy consistency.

Sprinkle chia seeds to garnish, serve in a mug and enjoy!

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Feature: Good Vibrations

♡ Featuring our first guest blogger, Madeleine of Good Vibrations with a DIY Hair Mask. ♡


2015: Hello

Hello and welcome to all fellow craft enthusiasts.

Handmade: Holiday Goods

Support and buy handmade. 

Viva La DIY Workspace :: Part I

Inspired by WeWork, a co-working company that aims to inspire creative people to do what they love, we are presenting Part I of our current workspaces; stay tuned for Viva La DIY Workspace :: Part II ::

DIY: Alien Space Babe

Greetings earthlings, from a planet out in space. I know I may still look human but I promise you I'm not.

How To: Pepper's Ghost

In the spirit of Halloween here's a spooky trick we learned, many moons ago, on The Magic School Bus:

Cosmic Alignment

 17:52 CST  

Here we present our DIY: Pinhole Projector used to see the Partial Solar Eclipse on October 23, 2014 via Central Standard Time (CST) based in North Dallas. Note the distinct cast of lunar umbra on the sun. 

How To: Pinhole Projector

Partial Solar Eclipse on October 23, 2014 visible to the Northern Hemisphere, predominately in East Asia and North America. The Time and Date of the eclipse by worldwide location may be found here or by city in the US here. Nonetheless, please be advised not to look directly into the eclipse without proper precaution! Luckily, I happened to recall learning the proper way to view a solar eclipse on an episode of Recess:

DIY: Mermaid II

Remember this DIY: Mermaid? Well being rather impromptu, I decided to revamp the look!

DIY: Seashell Hair Combs

Style your mermaid hair with your dinglehopper of choice and adorn with these DIY seashell hair combs. They are sure to compliment any glamorous mermaid, of course! ♡

How To: Shimmer Circle Skirt

As reference to DIY: Holographic Skirt, this is a circle skirt tutorial with a zipper and yoke waistband.

DIY: Holographic Skirt

Circle skirts come in various sorts of designs, patterns, shapes, sizes, textures, textiles, ~ etcetera ~ and yet there is an essential similitude among them all. That is, a circle pattern is quite standard and simplistic.

How To: Toothpaste

Our previous post was all about about DIY: Mouthwash & Toothpaste, so now I'll feature on how I make my own toothpaste. This certainly shows the process but it not limited to exactness. As always, feel free to personalize to your likeness and oral/dental needs.